Saint Ethelburga

Ethelburga was the daughter of Ethelbert, King of Kent, who was the first Christian Anglo-Saxon king and ruled over all the territory south of the Humber.
Ethelburga married Edwin of Northumbria in 625.

She came north with Bishop Paulinus, with the promise that she could continue to practise her faith. She received letters and the gifts of a silver mirror and a gold and ivory comb from Pope Boniface, who referred to Ethelberga as a “shining example” because of her gentle persistence and glowing faith.

Saint Ethelburga

Her daughter Eanfled later married King Oswy and had a daughter, Aelffled. Eanfled and Aelffled succeeded Hilda at Whitby.

After Edwin was killed by Penda at the battle of Hatfield in 633, Ethelberga fled to Kent with Paulinus and the seven year old Eanfled and founded the Nunnery of Lyming. She was Abbess of Lyming until her death in 647. Her day is September 8th.

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