The West Window

To complete our week of Bradford Cathedral stained glass windows celebrating women, today we mark International Women’s Day with our magnificent West Window, depicting the theme of Women of the Bible.

Why not come down and see the West Window and all our beautiful windows here at Bradford Cathedral?

The West Window

The window depicts women of the Bible in life’s ordinary places, in contrast to the other women we have featured this week.

The main window is divided into five scenes taken from the New Testament, with four “quarters” of the window and one central image. The scenes show: the Angel Gabriel greeting the Virgin Mary; Mary Magdalene being greeted by the Risen Christ; Jesus with Martha and Mary; Jesus speaking with the woman at the well.
The central scene shows the angels telling the women the news that Jesus is risen, on Easter morning.

Above the main window are two rows of small individual figures from the Old and New Testaments. The women pictured on the top row of the window are: Elizabeth, the Virgin Mary, Mary of Bethany and Martha.

The second row portrays: Eve, Sarah, Miriam, Hannah, Ruth, Naomi, Esther, Joanna, Anna and Dorcas

About the West Window: It was inserted in 1863 and is the work of Heaton Butler.
It was placed here by a Bradford solicitor whose name was Wells, in memory of his sisters.

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