Bradford Cathedral Palm Sunday event highlights how faith can overcome conflict

On Palm Sunday (14th April 2019) at 6pm Bradford Cathedral will be holding an event entitled ‘Jesus Weeps for Peace’ featuring inspirational stories of lives changed and communities transformed in one of the most deeply conflicted parts of our world.

The event, which will begin with refreshments, will feature Hedva Haymov and Shireen Awaad. Hedva is a Messianic Believer living on the Golan Heights in Israel, who was born in New York and served in the US Army. Shireen is a Palestinian Christian living behind the Wall in the West Bank, and is the Dean of Students at Bethlehem Bible College.

Jesus Weeps for Peace poster

Hedva Haymov and Shireen Awaad are two women heading up The Musalaha Women’s Programme in Israel and Palestine and their work is shaping the destiny of those of all faiths who live in the Land. They are honest about their differences but determined to demonstrate what is achievable through faith in Christ.

Musalaha UK has invited these two remarkable women to the UK to share their inspirational story and inform us of the realities behind the headlines, to give testimony to what God is doing and to encourage us in our situation here in the UK.

Matters concerning Israel and Palestine are so often reported in political and theological overtones and this meeting offers a unique opportunity to hear at first-hand what God is doing to build his kingdom in the land where his Son once walked

Alongside their speech there will be a welcome from Canon Paul of Bradford Cathedral and an introduction by John Drake of Musalaha UK. There will also be opportunities for prayer and worship, readings and songs, and a short film. The event will conclude with a Q&A session with Hedva and Shireen, and the opportunity to find out more about Musalaha, sign-up for further information and look at a selection of books available to purchase.

Canon Gordon Dey writes:

“The reconciliation work of Musalaha is a real ‘light in the darkness’ in the Holy Land, as Jews, Muslims and Christians are encouraged to listen to each other’s stories, and understand each other’s concerns.  Hedva and Shireen will help us see the peace making potential of the varied Christian community in Israel and Palestine, for which Jesus wept when he approached Jerusalem.”‘

‘Jesus Weeps for Peace’ takes place on Sunday 14th April 2019 at 6pm at Bradford Cathedral, with refreshments from 5:30pm.

Entry is free and your place can be reserved at

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