Elizabeth Charlesworth brings her love of 20th century English music to April’s Coffee Concert

Elizabeth Charlesworth

Elizabeth Charlesworth will be performing at Bradford Cathedral’s April coffee concert, accompanied by Hugh Finnigan, who has been the Cathedral organist at St. Marie’s in Sheffield for over forty years.

Elizabeth specialises in twentieth century English songs as well as opera, oratorio and French and German music. Her programme will feature music by Schubert, Brahms, Ireland and Quilter.

Elizabeth has had a passion for music from the early days of school and will be bringing this love to the show. The concert will feature many popular and famous pieces but also something that the audience may not have heard before.

Pieces performed will include ‘Seligkeit’ by Franz Schubert and ‘Sapphische Ode’ by Johannes Brahms, alongside a favourite of Elizabeth’s, ‘Waldesgespräch’ by Robert Schumann. “It’s such a dramatic piece. It’s a play acted out by the huntsman and the witch of the woods. It has some marvellous piano writing in it.”

The coffee concert promises to be an enjoyable performance. “I hope the music will tug at the heartstrings. There will be some nostalgia, and maybe even some music that people haven’t heard before like the piece by Schumann.

“My real love, though, is for 20th century English music. John Ireland, Roger Quilter and Michael Head: those are the composers I really love.”

Elizabeth Charlesworth and Hugh Finnigan perform at the monthly Bradford Cathedral coffee concert on Tuesday 9th April at 11am. Entry is free and refreshments are served from 10:30am. Click here to reserve your place.

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