Super Stitchers begin next exciting project at Bradford Cathedral

Members of the Stitching the Cathedral team showing off the completed patterns of some of the new kneelers.

The Bradford Cathedral stitching group have been busy at work for over three years completing the designs for the kneelers which will be displayed later in the year at the Cathedral. Based on patterns by designer Polly Meynell, the ‘Stitching the Cathedral’ team have had a regular set of members working hard on the kneelers – used during Eucharist services – as well as encouraging others to put in a few stitches, with their efforts recorded in a journal.

The kneelers are designed to offer a gradient reflecting the different colours of the liturgical year and have been made to fit precisely to Bradford Cathedral’s particular layout.

The latest video update from the ‘Stitching the Cathedral’ team.

From here the kneelers will be stretched and processed into the finished product, and they will be blessed in a special service to be held in November around the time of the official centenary day of when the Parish Church of St. Peter officially became Bradford Cathedral.

Putting the finishing touches to one of the kneelers.

The team are now starting work on the next part of the project: kneelers to go in St. Aidan’s Chapel, based on newly created designs inspired by the current fabrics in the space. The first stitches were put in on Tuesday 19th March 2019 at the most recent stitchers’ meeting.

Jill Wright, chair of the Friends of Bradford Cathedral, and member of ‘Stitching the Cathedral’:

“It’s been designed by people in the group and David and Elsie have done a huge amount of preparatory work’.

Elsie (left) and David (right) blocking out the colours of the latest kneeler ready for the major stitching to begin.

‘Stitching the Cathedral’ is open to anyone and everyone to take part in, no matter what level of experience, with those interested encouraged to come along and try it out and help make the on-going stitching project a success.

The ‘Stitching the Cathedral’ group meets every alternate Tuesday at Bradford Cathedral. For more information and dates visit

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