National Pet Day: Meeting Canon Mandy’s pets

Today is #NationalPetDay so we caught up with Canon Mandy Coutts who introduced us to her four pets who live in one of the houses at Bradford Cathedral! Though cats are dogs are expected to be sworn enemies, it’s a harmonious household for these four who are very close and get on well.

“If the dogs go outside, the cats have to follow. They play together, and normally are in the same room.”

There was once a stray cat around challenging Brian but he was defended by the two dogs.

Poppy – the cat

Poppy, 18 – Tortoiseshell cat

“She is the boss of everybody! She gives us all direction. She tells us all what to do – and keeps the dogs in order! She’s definitely the queen of the household.”

Canon Mandy was there at the birth of Poppy and is very special. And despite her grand age she’s still very petite and fit, and is up and down trees, though a lack of a sense of smell means she can occasionally get lost!

Lucy the Labrador, 13

Hailing from Sussex (therefore a Southerner!!) she has been in the family since she was a puppy.

Brian, 11 – cat

“We wanted a religious name so our daughter’s named him after ‘The Life of Brian’ and he’s proved to be quite a challenging kitty! He’s got a lot of personality and is a big softie, and is a pretty boy. He absolutely loves the dogs and they often sleep and huddle together. He’s quite confused as he thinks he’s more dog than cat! He often sleeps in the dog’s beds.”

Lucy and Bronte

Bronte the Labrador, 9

“Bronte is our newest pet and a Yorkshire lass! Her grandmother was one of the Queen’s working Labrador, and herself was a working gun dog before getting injured. She’s been with us since she was 15-years old and is an absolutely sweetie, and probably the friendliest of our four pets. She loves cuddles from everyone!”

The pets have adjusted to Cathedral life and are very friendly and well behaved, and though Lucy perhaps barks a little loudly due to deafness, they all remain good natured! “They prove a real hit in the summer months. Visitors love to pet them. Poppy is often photographed as she’s very pretty, and will pose for photographs! Tourists love the fact we have cats and dogs.”

Next time you’re down at Bradford Cathedral keep an eye out for the pets and maybe get a selfie with our #CathedralCat!

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