Wheear ‘ast tha bin sin’ ah saw thee: Choir singers and music lovers wanted for Bradford Cathedral Choir Festival, including locally themed Gloria.

On Saturday 8th June 2019 Bradford Cathedral is holding a very special choral festival in conjunction with the Royal School of Church Music, and the music department is looking for members of choirs from across the district to take part in an exciting musical programme.

The musical programme for the day will include pieces by Hanover and Stanford, alongside readings and prayers.

As well as looking for choral singers, they are also extending the invitation out for those who want to come and enjoy the music, sing hymns, and take part in a very special version of the Bradford Gloria.

Choral singers can sign up now to get a copy of the sheet music from the cathedral’s Eventbrite page, and can take part in rehearsals throughout May and June with the choirs of churches such as Bolton Priory, St. John’s church in Baildon, St. Osward’s in Guiseley, and St. Paul’s in Shipley, which is also hosting a special children’s rehearsal as part of the dates.

On the day there will be a final rehearsal at Bradford Cathedral before the service at 2pm. Singers are asked to come in the clothes they would normally wear for a choir service, as well as bringing a packed lunch.

Bradford Cathedral Director of Music, Alex Berry:

“This will be an excellent opportunity to sing with lots of like-minded people from choirs across West Yorkshire. They will be able to sing some really fantastic music and to sing as part of a mass choir.

“We’re also doing the first performance of a setting of the Gloria, based on the tune of Ilkley Moor Baht’at.

“For those coming to watch, we’re delighted that we will have the Revd. Canon Peter Moger, the Precentor of York, preaching.”

Revd. Canon Peter Moger says of the event:

“Choral worship lifts the heart, and opens a window onto heaven. As such it is a vital part of the Church’s mission to make known God’s love for all people.”

To find out more about the event, including rehearsal dates and venues, please visit bradfordcathedral.org/music/rscm-choral-festival. Sheet music is available from bradfordcathedral.eventbrite.com at a cost of £2 + booking fee, plus postage if required. The main Choral Festival takes place at Bradford Cathedral on Saturday 8th June at 2pm.

Rehearsal Times and Venues

Wednesday 15 May, 6.45-8 p.m.         Bolton Priory

Thursday 16 May, 7-8.30 p.m.             St John’s, Baildon

Saturday 18 May, 2-4 p.m.                    Children’s Rehearsal, St Paul’s Shipley

Wednesday 5 June, 6.45-8 p.m.           Bolton Priory

Thursday 6 June, 6.30-8 p.m.               St John’s, Baildon

Thursday 6 June, 7.30-8.30 p.m.          St Paul’s, Shipley

Thursday 6 June, 7-8.30 p.m.               St Oswald’s, Guiseley

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