Families invited to activities with a Civil War theme at Bradford Cathedral this May

On Tuesday 28th May Bradford Cathedral will open its doors in the week of May Spring Bank to welcome families into the Cathedral for a range of activities, including some themed around the Civil War of 1642-43, referencing the Siege of Bradford and the famous Battle of the Steeple which took place in the grounds.

Taking place from 10am until 2pm on Tuesday 28th May, the activities are free to take part in and include family guided tours at 11am and 1pm, where visitors can find out all about the fascinating details of the historic cathedral building, as well as the self-guided Pelican Trail where children can learn about the history of Bradford Cathedral whilst searching for the pelicans throughout the building.

Alongside the tour and trails there are paper craft activities inspired by the Cathedral’s stained glass windows, and the opportunity for children to design and create their own heraldic shields. There will also be activities based around the Civil War history of the Cathedral.

All the activities are free to take part in, and it’s easy to get to Bradford Cathedral, which is situated next to the Broadway Shopping Centre and only a short walk from the two train stations and the car park at Broadway.

Maggie Myers, Director of Education and Visitors, said of previous family activity days:

 “The Cathedral is such an inspiring space, and has so much potential for children and families to come and explore. The children that had been here before on school trips were really proud that they were explaining things to the other members of their family. There were new things to see, such as the new exhibition. Many people who came were not Christians or familiar with churches and they were really interested in learning more about Christianity, and also the history of the building.

“A big thing we get from visitors who haven’t been in before is that they didn’t know how important this building is, and has been, to Bradford’s history, not just in terms of Christianity but to the city itself.

“People find that so interesting and inspiring; even the parents took a lot away from the visit, and enjoyed themselves. Many don’t know how much there is to see and learn about in the Cathedral.

“Because we’re teachers and know a lot about the building we’re able to interpret the Cathedral for whatever age group or combination of family members that we’ve got coming, from very young children, to grandparents who are interested in different things. There’s enough expertise between us to answers lots of questions.

“It’s always a very interesting trip out. If you want to do something different, come here. If you’ve lived here a long time but you’ve never been in the Cathedral you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

“Bradford Cathedral is a lovely stop on the way. You can spend a few hours here doing the activities, going on a tour, or reading about the Cathedral, and then explore even more of Bradford.”

There will also be future activities suitable for families coming up at Bradford Cathedral, including the ‘Messy Cathedral Pentecost’ from 12:30 – 2pm on Sunday 9th June, which will provide a mixture of food, crafts, Bible readings, singing and more, with children helped to create their own headband of paper flames or a paper fire-wand; to explore the Holy Spirit tunnel; or to write their own prayer dove to join the flock that will hang from the Cathedral’s ceiling.

There will also be a further pair of family activity days on Tuesday 23rd and Thursday 25th July from 10am – 2pm, which will include the regular activities, trails and tours, as well as a Shakespearean theme, to mark the performances of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ taking place at the Cathedral that week by ACT Shakespeare. The ‘Romeo and Juliet’ performances also include a matinee showing at 2:30pm on Saturday 27th July.

Family activities are free to come along to and will take place on Tuesday 28th May, Tuesday 23rd July and Thursday 25th July between 10am and 2pm, with ‘Messy Cathedral Pentecost’ happening on Sunday 9th June from 12:30 – 2pm.

For more information e-mail Maggie Myers, Director of Education and Visitors, on educationandvisitors@bradfordcathedral.org and to book a place and be sent the latest information visit https://www.bradfordcathedral.org/whats-on/family-activities, where you can sign up to receive all the latest information about future events for families at Bradford Cathedral.

Tickets for the ACT Shakespeare performances of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ are available, alongside all our other events, from bradfordcathedral.eventbrite.com.

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