A Conversation Between Faiths: How Christianity and Islam can contribute to a healthy society

Qari Asim MBE, the Rt. Revd. Toby Howarth; and Professor Michael Barnes SJ who are speaking at the Bradford Cathedral event this July.

Bradford Cathedral will be hosting ‘A Conversation Between Faiths’ on Monday 15th July, where Qari Asim MBE, the Rt. Revd. Toby Howarth; and Professor Michael Barnes SJ will discuss the role of faith in Bradford and how this is relevant across the United Kingdom.

Qari Asim MBE, the Head Imam at Makkah Mosque in Leeds, and Bishop Toby will discuss the way Christianity and Islam contribute to a healthy society in Bradford and West Yorkshire, and how this learning can be seen in the UK as a whole, with Professor Barnes taking a wider view of what faith can offer into the public square of thinking.

These individual elements will then be brought together in a conversation style between the three speakers, chaired by the Very Revd. Jerry Lepine, Dean of Bradford, who will also be introducing the event, before the floor will be opened to Q&A from the audience.

Professor Michael Barnes SJ:
“A question I am constantly asking is how my faith can be lived out and communicated in a particular context without getting swallowed up in that context.  How do I “translate” my faith into this particular culture, this particular conversation, making sense of its deepest truth while at the same time safeguarding its integrity?’”

The conversations will wrap up with each of the speakers looking at their hopes for the future; their visions for their respective cities; and how the different faiths can contribute to each other, and explore any issues around that.

A Conversation Between Faiths is at Bradford Cathedral on Monday 15th July from 7pm. Entry is free and places can be reserved at bradfordcathedral.eventbrite.com, or you can just turn up.

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