Thanksgiving to be held for Bishop Roy Williamson

There is to be a thanksgiving for Bishop Roy Williamson at Choral Evensong on Sunday 20th October at 4pm. This will be led by The Dean and Bishop Colin Buchanan will be preaching. Bishop Roy was Bishop of Bradford from 1984-1991 and is very fondly remembered by many people. Everyone is welcome to come and remember him and to give thanks for his life and ministry.

Bishop Roy Williamson

Bishop Roy was enthroned in Bradford Cathedral as Bishop in 1983. In 1991 he moved to become Bishop of Southwark and then back to Nottingham on his retirement in 1998 (where he had been an incumbent and Archdeacon). Throughout his ministry he was accompanied by his wife Anne, who died in 2004, but together they were quite a partnership. Bishop Roy was a pastor who led by example. He was a naturally gifted communicator and preacher who could strike up a conversation with anyone. Those of us who worked with him, from all church traditions, have our stories to tell of a man who challenged, encouraged and heard us.
He was someone whose personal warmth and sense of humour could light up a Synod (that’s impressive) and hold the diversity of a diocese. Clergy will never forget the handwritten cards that popped through the letterbox at least once a year.

I visited him in his retirement a few years ago and there was the same warm welcome and engaging and honest conversation, with the large theology book on the table with a marker in it and the laughter. We thank God for Bishop Roy, an incredibly hard working, humble, prayerful, gospel man.

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