Mothers’ Union brings greetings from Sudan as they introduce themselves to the Bradford Cathedral congregation

(L-R) Canon Paul Maybury; Mama Sumira, President of the Mothers’ Union, Diocese of Khartoum; Jean Thurman, Diocese of Leeds President of the Mothers’ Union; Dean Jerry Lepine; Mama Heweya, also part of the Mothers’ Union in Sudan; Pam Aston, Bradford Episcopal Area Mothers’ Union President.

Mama Samira and Maya Hewaya from the Leeds Sudan Link visited Bradford Cathedral as part of their visits to various Yorkshire churches including in Bentham, Shipley, Leeds, Ripon and Burley-In-Wharfedale.

They brought greetings from the Episcopal Church of Sudan and were interviewed about their work during the service today.

The Very Revd Jerry Lepine, Dean of Bradford:
“It was a pleasure to welcome our guests Mama Samira and Mama Hewaya on Sunday morning. We have a strong relationship with Sudan through congregation member Fiona Beevers, who is the head of Unity House School in Khartoum. It was great to hear about the work that the Mothers’ Union is doing in Africa. It’s such a strong institution supporting and leading the church in Africa.”

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