Introducing Daniel Lappin, our new Choir Matron

Daniel Lappin

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Daniel Lappin and I’ve recently started as Choir Matron. I used to study at Leeds College of Music where I did my bachelors in flute, and that probably comes into my hobbies as well, though I do play it professionally! I also teach music lessons, and have been running that alongside my Matron rule.

What attracted you to playing the flute?

I’m not sure; possibly because it’s shiny! Apparently, according my mum, I always used to sing along to Peter and the Wolf and because I was singing it so much I wanted to play it too. It has a really notorious part to play!

What attracted you to the role at Bradford Cathedral?

It’s a really warm and friendly place. Everyone was really friendly. I only discovered Bradford Cathedral a week before the job popped up! I didn’t know it existed even though I’d lived here a couple of years. When I discovered it I found it was great, and really enjoyed the conversation I had with Dean Jerry.

What does the Choir Matron role involve?

Predominantly it’s a pastoral role, making sure all the children are OK in the choir, and it’s going to expand out into other areas, such as teaching, and helping them do their readings. There may also be faith lessons at the weekends and occasionally I’ll help out with musical theory lessons too!

What are you most looking forward to in the role?

It’s largely involved in music, so I really the enjoy the fact that you get to see all the choristers working so hard, and you get to see their concerts. They all work very hard and just to see them perform after all that work I find really rewarding.

What message would you like to give to the congregation to welcome yourself in?

Just to look out for me; I’ll probably have a big cheesy grin so you’ll probably spot me from a distance! Please come and say hello!

Finally, how do you like your tea or coffee?

I like my tea just with milk. I’m a bit pickier with my coffee. I don’t have that awful instant stuff; it tastes like digestives warmed up! I have to have it from a proper coffee shop or a machine. I have one at home too, with the espresso option, and the milk steamer. I’d have to say a latte is my favourite.

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