Canon Mandy’s Sabbatical

Guernsey cliffs 2017, in oils

From 1st January till 31st March 2020 I will be taking my first sabbatical since being ordained. It is an opportunity to explore several interests including theological studies and exploring the great outdoors of the British Isles, which will hopefully be a continued inspiration for my painting. I will also be using the time to visit my godchildren and catch up with friends and family.

During my time away I am pleased to announce members of the congregation and clergy colleagues will cover many of my roles and responsibilities.

Alex McLelland, as vice chair, will chair the Community Committee and Jane Thompson will continue as secretary.

Our Cathedral Chaplains and team of lay pastoral assistants will continue to support the congregation pastorally. Reverend Paul Booth, who has served the Cathedral for many years, will have oversight over the lay pastoral team, so you will be in excellent hands.

Our team of lay pastoral assistants are Michael Beevers, Jane Tarver, Gill Overend and Mike de Villiers.
The Cathedral also offers the prayer circle network. This is an on-line group who responds to special requests for prayer. All petitions are treated confidentiality. To make a request, please contact either Gill Overend or Alex McLelland.

The monthly prayer ministry team will continue to offer prayer on the third Sunday of the month during the 10.15am Holy Communion service.

If you would like the clergy to pray for you daily at Morning Prayer then please contact one of the clergy directly.

For further information about of these ministries please ask one of the team.

Isle of Arran shoreline, 2019 in Oils

Safeguarding concerns should be raised with the Cathedral’s Assistant Safeguarding Officer Ian Price or with one of the clergy or the Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor Jenny Price.

Please remember that if you think someone is in immediate danger of harm then telephone the police.

Further details of how to raise a concern can be found on our website and on our noticeboards.

Sheila, Kathy, Peter and Bori will continue to run Places of Welcome
each week on Wednesdays 2:30pm till 4pm.

I am deeply grateful for all those who continue to serve the Cathedral is so many different ways. Please continue to pray for all these different ministries.

During my sabbatical I will not be replying to e-mails or dealing with work calls, but you will always be in my prayers.

So may God bless you all this New Year, and may we all journey with our eyes always set on Jesus and our hearts filled with all hope in believing.

Yours in Christ, Canon Mandy

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