Waiting for a Miracle?: Bishop Nick Baines delivers an address and Evensong sermon in mid-February

Bishop Nick Baines

On Sunday 16th February, the Rt Revd Nick Baines, Bishop of Leeds, is presenting an address entitled ‘Waiting for a Miracle?’ at 2pm, which will be followed by an Evensong at 4pm at which he is also preaching.

Ahead of his contemporary look at politics, wisdom and faith, we asked him a few quick questions to find out more.

You are presenting an address in February called ‘Waiting For A Miracle?’. What will the address focus on?
The nature of contemporary politics in the light of faith and a need for wisdom. How are we to understand what is happening today and how might we engage in shaping political life and discourse.

What do you hope people will take away from your address?
Better understanding of how democratic political life might work and how we might better engage in it.

2019 was a divisive year politically; do you think 2020 will be similar?
Yes, but for different reasons. Reality will displace the rhetoric of Brexit, Trumpian politics will continue to disrupt, and the consequences of global tensions and realignments will begin to be seen.

What role do you think the Church of England and faith will play in terms of politics?
We operate at every level: individuals in parishes in dioceses in the country. The C of E will continue to urge engagement in local decision-making, changing and improving the political discourse, and raising questions at parliamentary and governmental level from a unique and unpartisan perspective.

Please join us on Sunday 16th February at 2pm for the address, and then at 4pm for the Evensong. All are welcome.

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