Pianist Jill Crossland to play at March Coffee Concert

Jill Crossland

Our next Coffee Concert is with pianist Jill Crossland, and takes places on Tuesday 10th March at 11am, with refreshments from 10:30am.

Jill Crossland has an active concert and recording career including many appearances at London’s South Bank and Wigmore Hall, Sage Gateshead and other major venues such as Bridgewater Hall, Vienna Musikverein, Vienna Konzerthaus and Leipzig Gewandhaus. Jill has been in the Arts Council Musicians in Residence scheme for Yorkshire and the Classic FM Hall of Fame.

Could you give us some background to you as a musician?
I started when I was four-and-a-half; my mum taught me. My father loved music. He was really instrumental in my playing the piano. I used to go to a local Saturday school and had piano lessons there, which gave me a first opportunity to play in public. When I was eleven, I went to Chethams School of Music, then the Royal Northern, and eventually to study in Vienna.

I loved Vienna; it was an amazing, rich city, full of culture, with the art, architecture and coffee houses. It was just a fabulous place to live.

You have a coffee concert with us in March. How did you pick your pieces?
I focus on Bach because of my father, who loved Bach. I do like to play the classical repertoire and some romantic music as well. With the Beethoven Sonata, that’s something I’ve only started playing recently. I know that lots of people love this Sonata; people will come up to me and tell me that it’s one of their favourites. It’s very challenging musically but it’s quite short, and ultimately quite profound.

I also have played and recorded the entirety of The Well-Tempered Clavier which I learnt when I was at the Royal Northern. My teacher thought that I had an affinity with Bach. I’ve performed selections from the Well-tempered many times.

You’ve played in many prestigious places. What’s the one that’s most stood out?
Absolutely; the Wigmore Hall was a beautiful place to play in. In Vienna, the Musikverein is such an incredible place as well, and I’ve also played in Leipzig at the Gewandhaus, which was a very special place to play.

What are your plans for the rest of 2020?
Just to keep on playing in some wonderful places!

Join Jill Crossland on piano on Tuesday 10th March at 11am at Bradford Cathedral. Entry is free.

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