Fairtrade is still on the menu as Bradford Cathedral prepares for its fifth annual Fairtrade Breakfast – and you’re all invited!

Mike de Villiers of Bradford Cathedral; Karen Palframan, chair of Bradford Fairtrade Zone; Councillor Adrian Farley, Keighley West Ward, Bradford Council, and the council’s Fairtrade champion; and Elaine de Villiers of Bradford Cathedral gather ahead of the winter meeting of Bradford Fairtrade Zone to show just some of the things you can expect at this year’s Fairtrade Breakfast.

Bradford Cathedral is once more opening its doors during Fairtrade Fortnight to invite everyone in to take part in a delicious Fairtrade Breakfast that will include a whole range of products from the Fairtrade range including:

  • Muesli, with locally sourced milk and a soya alternative
  • Bananas
  • Toast, with Fairtrade Jam and Marmalade
  • Bran muffins and cake made from Fairtrade ingredients
  • Tea, coffee, hot chocolate and orange juice

There will also be locally produced products as well, including local milk and butter and honey. There will also be porridge and some other cereal options, as well as dairy-free and gluten-free alternatives to the milk and cakes.

The fifth annual Fairtrade breakfast is taking place on Sunday 1st March from 8:45am and you can turn up at any time during the hour, until 9:45am.

Support of the Fairtrade movement is at the heart of Bradford Cathedral, with Fairtrade products on sale most Sundays following the morning’s service. This event comes on the back of Bradford Cathedral being successful in renewing its ‘Fairtrade Church’ status back in December, which is valid for the next two years.

The theme of Fairtrade Fortnight 2020 is, as in 2019, SHE DESERVES ….  A LIVING INCOME and we continue to think especially about the women who grow cocoa in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire, farmers who put their heart and soul into growing cocoa for our chocolate and don’t even earn enough to pay for the basics, such as having clean water, health care and education. 

Last year’s Fairtrade Breakfast.

Also, across the region, Fairtrade Yorkshire is asking people not to give up chocolate for Lent, and to switch to Fairtrade chocolate instead to maintain cocoa farmers’ earnings.

Mike de Villiers, Bradford Cathedral:
“Bradford Cathedral is an eco-cathedral, so we are definitely committed to environmental concerns, and Fairtrade is totally into sustainability at the moment. We, as members of the Christian church, want to campaign for justice. This is about serving and loving our neighbour, and loving our neighbour means we need a just system of trade for them, which is what we are reminding people about this Fairtrade Fortnight”.

Karen Palframan, chair of Bradford Fairtrade Zone:
“Fairtrade Fortnight is our annual two-week opportunity to remind everyone of the great need for Fairtrade. We need to pay farmers and workers in developing countries fair prices and living incomes, and Fairtrade Fortnight enables campaigners to amplify this message.”.

Councillor Adrian Farley, Keighley West Ward, Bradford Council, and the council’s Fairtrade champion:
“It’s really important for the Council to be involved with The Fairtrade movement.  Fairtrade works to reduce inequalities, promote well-being and improve the environment we are all part of.  Small decisions we take in the Bradford District can have a big impact across the world”.

Bradford Cathedral’s Fairtrade Breakfast takes place on Sunday 1st March from 8:45am – 9:45am. Entry is free but there’s a recommended donation of £3 to help cover costs and to donate to the work of Traidcraft Exchange. You can turn up on the day but you can help us estimate numbers by registering for free at fairtrade-breakfast.eventbrite.co.uk. Fairtrade Fortnight 2020 runs from Monday 24th February to Sunday 8th March and more information can be found at fairtrade.org.uk.

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