June’s HOPE ON THE EDGE goes online for World Environment Day to explore how we can care for Planet Earth

John D Anderson, who will provide the introduction to ‘Care and Prayer for Planet Earth’ this June.

Bradford Cathedral will be hosting the next meeting of ‘Hope on the Edge’, a twice yearly gathering to which people are invited to come and pray for issues that are of concern. This time the group will be discussing how we can offer care and prayer for Planet Earth, as we look at how the environmental damage inflicted on the world can be halted.

The subject was suggested by a group of Christian young people who contributed to the previous ‘Hope on the Edge’ session back in October.

‘Care and Prayer for Planet Earth’ will be held online for the first time due to the COVID-19 crisis and will feature a mixture of pre-recorded talks and discussion points and the chance for those taking part to reflect, pray and act on about the issues raised. It will take place on Sunday 7th June from 6pm on YouTube, and those interested can find out more on the Bradford Cathedral website and register their interest on the Facebook event.

The date of the online event has been scheduled to tie in with World Environment Day, which takes place two days earlier on Friday 5th June.

Those attending will look at the impact they can make in the following areas: ‘Homes and Buildings’, ‘Transport’, and ‘Trees and Nature’.

There will be an introduction by John D Anderson of Baildon Methodist Church entitled “Our duty of care for creation”. This will lead into the specific areas. ‘Homes and Buildings’, will be led by a group of young Christian people from the Bradford area; ‘Transport’ by David and Mollie Somerville; and then ‘Trees and Nature’ by Mike De Villiers, who is part of the eco group at the cathedral.

Finally the Rt Revd Dr Toby Howarth, Bishop of Bradford, will share his reflections on the event with those taking part, and lead them in corporate prayer. 

Gordon Dey, co-ordinator of WRIB who are organising the event says:

 ‘Suddenly the world has changed, and in the midst of loss and grief, many of us are living more simply, and finding space to listen more attentively to the Spirit of God.   We hope this event will inform and inspire this process, and stimulate us to identify lifestyle changes for the longer term that will help to save Planet Earth.  Do please encourage others to join us – from far and wide of course.’ 

You can find out more about Hope on the Edge: Care for Planet Earth – which takes place on Sunday 7th June from 6pm – by visiting https://www.bradfordcathedral.org/worship/online-hope-on-the-edge/, where a link will be made available to the stream nearer the date.

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