Faith Trail Online: 11:15am

Between 10am and 3:30pm on the first Saturday of every month we’re running a special online version of our monthly Faith Trail in real-time so you enjoy it even if we can’t do it in person at the moment!

11.15am The group is welcomed to the Masjid and there is an introduction to Islam and how Muslims worship.

Abu Bakar Masjid:
Abu Bakar Masjid originated in a local terraced house around 50 years ago, but the community realised that they had an ever-growing population of worshippers and so worked hard to raise over a million pounds to create a brand new purpose-built masjid, into which they moved in 2000.

The Masjid has a regular congregation of around three hundred worshippers, increasing to over two thousand for the main prayer of the week on Fridays. They also have regular education programmes, some specifically for young people, with all speeches and presentations in English. 

Bradford Police Faith Engagement Officer

Hello I am PC James Elliott and I am the Faith Engagement Officer for the Bradford Police. I am responsible for engagement with all of the Places of worship in Bradford.  I act as a point of contact for the places of worship and provide them with advice, training, guidance and reassurance.

As part of my role I have the privilege of being a part of the Bradford Faith trail every month.  As part of their training new student Police Officers and Police Support Officers join members of the public on the Faith Trail.  It is an amazing hands on learning experience for them as for some it’s the first time they have been into a place of worship from a different Faith.

Police Officers get the opportunity to learn the etiquette for entering that particular place of worship, learn about the Faith and the building itself.  It’s a unique opportunity for Officers to ask any question that they wouldn’t normally get chance to ask.  There is a guide at each location who is very welcoming and knowledgeable about that particular faith.

The Officers really enjoy participating in the Faith Trail and have commented on how much they have learnt and would love to do it again!

PC James Elliott

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