Faith Trail Online: 2:45pm

Between 10am and 3:30pm on the first Saturday of every month we’re running a special online version of our monthly Faith Trail in real-time so you enjoy it even if we can’t do it in person at the moment!

2:45pm The group is welcomed to Bradford Cathedral, where there is an explanation of another Christian denomination, the Church of England faith. There is also a tour of the Cathedral, which is the oldest building in Bradford.

Bradford Cathedral:

Bradford Cathedral is a Church of England Cathedral in the Diocese of Leeds. Since the first Christians came to Bradford early in the seventh century, Christians have worshipped on the site of the present Cathedral. Two fragments of ancient preaching crosses now embedded into the walls show the ancient origins of this site as a place of Christian worship. The present Cathedral, dating from 1458, is the oldest building in Bradford, which clearly tells two stories: the story of the Christian faith and the story of Bradford itself.

Tucked away on the hillside in its peaceful garden setting, this beautiful and historic church is alive with worship, music and the arts, education and hospitality. Here the Cathedral community expresses a vibrant faith and active service.   

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