Calling all creatives! Artist wanted for Community Art Project

Artspace at Bradford Cathedral is offering a commission to a practising artist in any field to engage with the Cathedral community and wider Bradford communities, in an arts project in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. This is a unique opportunity to capture the variety of thoughts and experiences of Bradford people as we attempt to “resume” our lives whilst still experiencing the effects of the pandemic and, through a creative medium, give opportunities for reflection, remembrance and healing.

The artist will:

  • create the concept and design for the artwork
  • coordinate and oversee the community response
  • hold participatory arts sessions to engage a wide variety of people connected to the Cathedral or working and living in the nearby area*
  • produce a regular update on the Bradford Cathedral website documenting the progress of the project, with a minimum of one update per month

The commissioned work will be shared online as well as in the setting of the Cathedral and so we welcome creativity in approach and various formats to map the progress of the project, such as video, soundscape, blogs, photography, text and more, using multiple platforms.

*The project is intended to involve participants from different social, cultural and religious backgrounds, ages and abilities. Participation in the project could be online, remotely, or in ways that follow social distancing measures and that could allow for participation of those that may not have access to the internet. Please ensure this is detailed in your proposal, if applicable.

For more information, please visit our website.

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