Preparations begin at Bradford Cathedral for flooring work

If you’ve visited Bradford Cathedral recently you may have noticed that the carpet has been lifted at the West end of the building, and the shop has been moved. This has been done to expose the parquet flooring underneath it ahead of work being done on the flooring in February 2021.

You may notice evidence on the South side of where the cathedral font used to be situated, as well as the air-blower for the organ that used to be situated at that end.

In January contractors and the cathedral architect will visit to discuss the repairs needed for the flooring and what colour to stain the floor in.

Work will be done on the new flooring in mid-February, and the dates will be confirmed soon.

David Worsley, Head Verger at Bradford Cathedral, said of the work:
“We are looking forward to the completion of the work to transform the wooden flooring of the cathedral, which has been planned for a long time. The work will repair the damage to the flooring as well as seeing the parquet being stained and polished, which will emphasise the beauty of this section of the building.

“We can’t wait for our congregation and visitors to see the results of the refurbishment later this year.”

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