June 2021 Cathedral support for Fairtrade and Traidcraft Exchange

Thanks to many, support for Fairtrade has continued during the pandemic, even though we have not been able to meet in person or hold the weekly Traidcraft Stall.  Individuals have put in their own orders or joined with others to buy items from the Traidcraft shop, and in March, we ensured we could hold our 5th annual Fairtrade Breakfast by transferring to online.

The Breakfast was an opportunity to showcase the amazing work done by Traidcraft Exchange who, through their international teams, work with some of the poorest people in the world to help them build better businesses, fight for better working conditions, adapt to climate change and protect the future of the earth, and get the respect they deserve.

Generous donations meant that we were able to send Traidcraft Exchange £180.53 and because we donated during their specific Regenerators Appeal, our gift was doubled by the UK government.

In sending to the Cathedral their thanks for donations, Traidcraft Exchange writes ‘You have met a global crisis with generosity and commitment.  From communities devastated by coronavirus to families returning to horrific conditions of debt bondage, your generosity has been overwhelming.

Donations are providing people across the world with knowledge and skills they need to adapt to erratic weather patterns through growing new crops, investing in eco-friendly businesses, like keeping beehives or farming fish.’

Traidcraft Exchange adds that, thanks to donations like ours, ‘communities will be able to earn more from the hard work they already do.  These changes mean that whatever the climate crisis throws at them, they’ll be able to feed their families and earn a decent income.  Not only this, but by switching to green technology and planting trees, they can regenerate their land – and protect the earth for generations to come.’

And a message from your Fairtrade/Eco-group team: 
“By buying items with the Fairtrade logo – through Traidcraft, at the supermarket, in the Oxfam shops in Ilkley and Otley – each of us can BE THE CHANGE. We’re not simply helping farmers to get a fairer income; we’re supporting them to build resilience to protect their livelihoods and face the future with confidence.”

Elaine de Villiers

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