20 Years On: the Work of the Bradford Global Café

‘When I arrived at the University of Bradford I suffered from loneliness, and the situation got even worst during the lockdown, with depression almost setting in on me. Once I joined Global Café, my life turned around so fast, as I enjoy an amazing love, care, and support, thereby making me feel truly at home.’ – a postgraduate student from West Africa.

Members of the Global Café

The twentieth year of Global Café has been one of our strangest, but our mission – to share food, friendship and faith with international students – has remained unchanged.

This term we’ve connected with students through garden picnics and a few remarkably sunny daytrips. We’ve come alongside those who are processing the chaos of covid for their families, and offered practical support to those who’ve had to self-isolate. We’re also thankful for ways to keep in touch online with those who’ve moved away.

Through all this, friendships are growing with students from across the world, and we’ve been blessed to open up God’s word with some curious students, share our own stories and learn a lot from theirs!

In September, God willing, we’ll be on campus to welcome new students as they arrive and will be making the most of our shiny new kitchen!

Please do get in touch if you’d like to explore joining our team – as a regular prayer partner, by meeting students at our weekly Café, or hosting over the Christmas break. We’re also looking for one or two people with experience in strategic thinking and charity management to join our trustee board.

You can find out more about the Global Café on their website or Facebook page.

Thomas Knight
Team Leader – Bradford Global Café

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