Cathedral-supported ‘Climate Emergency Walk’ reaches Bradford’s City Park

On Friday 17th September a ‘Climate Emergency Walk’ took place from Baildon to City Park in Bradford via Shipley, to raise awareness of the threat that climate change poses to the world. Supported by many organisations, including Bradford Cathedral, the walk coincided with the Church of England’s ‘Season of Creation.

Members of the Bradford Cathedral team at the Climate Emergency Walk as it reached City Park

We spoke to Mike de Villiers, part of the Cathedral’s Eco Group and one of the organisers of the walk, about why such an event is crucial:

“It’s frighteningly important because everyone needs to know what is happening. Today has been an important demonstration. People from all sorts of places have come to join us, and they’ve recognised that this is crucial, and they want to get the message over.

“We have to act, as without us asking, the city won’t act. We need to get there before 2030. Any dates after that will be too late, though, of course, people are suffering already.

“At the moment we are lucky, and we can still say ‘please do something’.

One of the signs at the Climate Emergency Walk

“We have been given a fantastic and amazing place to live, and it’s God’s creation. Taking responsibility for it is part of my duty as a Christian.

“If I love God, I need to love his creation, and this is one way I can show it, and practically say ‘please join me’.

“Whether you believe in God or not, let’s go together because it’s our world that God has given us. I’m simply saying – come and join us!”

1 thought on “Cathedral-supported ‘Climate Emergency Walk’ reaches Bradford’s City Park

  1. I was impressed by the number of people who took part. Together we will make a difference!


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