Bradford Cathedral’s free weekly Wednesday organ recitals return this Spring

The eclectic programmes will cover Mendelsohn’s Six Organ Sonatas over six weeks, alongside other pieces.

The spring season of the organ recitals will include Bradford Cathedral Director of Music Alexander Berry

The popular weekly free ‘Wednesday@One’ organ recitals are set to return to Bradford Cathedral at the beginning of March 2022.

This season will feature Mendelsohn’s Six Organ Sonatas over six subsequent weeks, as well as other pieces chosen by the organists.

The organ recitals begin at 1pm each Wednesday from the 2nd March through to the 6th April, and are preceded by a buffet lunch at 12:30pm.

The season begins with Bradford Cathedral’s Assistant Director of Music Graham Thorpe playing ‘Sonata 3 in A’ and culminates six weeks later with Stephen Power from Brecon playing ‘Sonata 4 in B flat’.

Other programmes include Bradford Cathedral’s Director of Music Alexander Berry; Bath’s Peter King; and Wakefield’s James Bowstead.

Dr Ed Jones, former Associate Director of Music at Bradford and now Director of Music at Wakefield, will also be one of the organists.

The organ recitals are free to attend, though, donations are welcome, and last around 45 minutes. Those attending are also welcome to explore the Cathedral before and after the recital.

The spring season of the organ recitals will also include Bradford Cathedral Assistant Director of Music / Sub-organist Graham Thorpe

Graham Thorpe, Assistant Bradford Cathedral Director of Music, says:
“The recitals are friendly and entertaining, consisting of 45 minutes of top-class organ playing, with the recitalists introducing pieces as they go.

“In this first series, we have six recitals before Easter, and so we have chosen to theme the series around Mendelssohn’s six organ sonatas. They are a core of the organist’s repertoire, but it is rare to hear all of them featured. It’s fascinating to see how each recitalist builds a different programme around their choice of sonata, reflecting their musical interests, repertoire and experience.

“We would love to see as many people as we can coming back to the weekly recitals! They have a great atmosphere, and the recitalists are all fantastic, some local figures, but with big names from further afield, too.

“the organ is now in particularly fine voice after some ‘rebalancing’ work. This has helped some of the older ranks speak more freely, allows a greater tonal palette, and contributes to an even more thrilling ensemble sounds of the full organ.

“We can’t wait to see you there”

For more information about the new series of ‘Wednesday @ One’ organ recitals, please visit

The full programme of recitals is as follows:

2nd March 2022 – Graham Thorpe (Bradford) – Sonata 3 in A
9th March 2022 – Ed Jones (Wakefield) – Sonata 2 in C
16th March 2022 – Alexander Berry (Bradford) – Sonata 6 in D minor
23rd March 2022 – Peter King (Bath) – Sonata 5 in D
30th March 2022 – James Bowstead (Wakefield) – Sonata 1 in F
6th April 2022 – Stephen Power (Brecon) – Sonata 4 in B flat)

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