Get the kettle on! Bradford Cathedral holds a BIG BREW to support Traidcraft Exchange this Fairtrade Fortnight

Help support Fairtrade Fortnight by joining the Bradford Cathedral Big Brew! on Sunday 27th February 2022, from 11:30am, or by sending a #VirtualBigBrew selfie

Members of the Bradford Cathedral refreshments team grab a well-deserved cuppa, ahead of the Fairtrade Fortnight Big Brew! later this month.

Bradford Cathedral are switching on their kettles, dusting off their recipe books, and heading to the shops to prepare for this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight, and you can get involved

The Bradford Cathedral Big Brew! will take place on Sunday 27th February 2022, during this year’s ‘Fairtrade Fortnight’, where everyone can get together over a cup of Fairtrade tea or coffee, as well as sampling some cakes, biscuits and more – all made, of course, with Fairtrade ingredients! You can even get involved from home with the #VirtualBigBrew!

The group are also calling on people to bring in their own cakes, buns or biscuits for the Big Brew! – and a list of recipes, guidance and where to get Fairtrade ingredients, can be found on the Bradford Cathedral website.

Alongside the food and drink there will also be quizzes and competitions, and a presentation all about the work of Traidcraft Exchange, a charity that works to promote justice and fairness in trade. All the money raised at the Bradford Cathedral Big Brew! will go towards Traidcraft Exchange’s work helping communities in the Global South fight climate change and an unfair trading system which traps them in poverty.

We even have our very own mugs for the occasion!

Alongside the event, the Cathedral’s ‘Traidcraft stall’ will also be returning. There you’ll be able to buy many of your favourite Fairtrade products, and you’ll even be able to place an order for Fairtrade Easter eggs.

Elaine de Villiers, of the Bradford Cathedral EcoGroup (who organise the annual Fairtrade Fortnight events), says:
“Climate change and inequality can feel like overwhelming problems. But a fun event like this gives a practical simple way we can all help. We’ve got an amazing event planned and we’re delighted to be able to support Traidcraft Exchange in this way.”

Mike and Elaine de Villiers

Those who would like to come along to the Big Brew! in person will be able to join in from around 11:30am on Sunday 27th February, following that morning’s service.

There will also be the opportunity to get involved even if you can’t physically get into the Cathedral. If you’re at home, you can also support the event by making yourself a Fairtrade drink and buying or making some Fairtrade treats, and sharing a #VirtualBigBrew selfie with the Cathedral. Full details of how to get involved can be found on the Bradford Cathedral website, including how to join the online service that is streamed before the Big Brew!.

Elaine de Villiers:
“This is our annual event to support the work of Traidcraft Exchange in raising essential funds to help people change their lives for the better. We have the power to CHOOSE THE WORLD WE WANT!”

You can also read Sarah Maybury’s ‘Camino Trekkers’ story on the Cathedral website

The Bradford Cathedral Big Brew! takes place on Sunday 27th February from 11:30am and all are welcome! You can find out more about the event, how to make your own Fairtrade treats, the #VirtualBigBrew, and much more, at

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