Bradford Cathedral Choristers complete another fantastic year of singing, with celebrations at a special prize-giving service

On Sunday 3rd July the Music Department wished many congratulations to our hard-working choristers, who have completed another fantastic year of singing at Bradford Cathedral, with a special chorister prize-giving service.

Prizes were awarded to the following choristers:

Boy of the Year: Rhys

Girl of the Year: Frieda

Boy Probationer of the Year: Toma

Most Promising Girl Probationer: Grace

Tarver Memorial Trophy for best ‘all-rounder’: Michael and Maria

St Margaret Initiative Cup: George and Ffyon

Cam Shield for Dedication and Loyal Service: Christabel and Luke

Irene’s Prize for Progress: Zayn

St Peter and St Paul Cup for a highly committed Junior Choral Scholar: Rhianna

Julian Berry Memorial Cup for an excellent Junior Choral Scholar: David

We would like to particularly thank our leavers for their outstanding contribution to the Cathedral Choir: Frieda, Luke and Rhianna. We look forward to welcoming Frieda and Luke back next year as Junior Choral Scholars, and wish Rhianna every success in the future.

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