Floor Plans and Seating Layout

Bradfiord Cathedral, including toilets and fire exit information

We have several standard layouts at Bradford Cathedral. For bespoke requirements please contact us. We may add additional seating arrangement as these are added in the cathedral. Please note that floor plans are representative, and may be laid out slightly different in the final version.

A. Standard Seating

Click the arrows to see a selection of example layout images.

There a variety of configurations for our standard seating. The example above shows a capacity of 376, breaking down as follows:

Central Nave184
South Aisle65
North Aisle50

Additional seating can also be added in the transepts, and an additional 34 can be added by reducing the central aisle slightly.

Please note: if you wish to sell alcohol at the event we have to limit the capacity to 499 (including staff). A plot of this can be seen below.

B. Events with alcohol sales

We have a standard map for these 499-capacity events with 476 seats. These include 250 seats in the nave (with 21 held back for wheelchair users), 146 in the aisles and 80 in the transepts. This map is built into Eventbrite to help with ticket sales.

We advise ticket holders that the nave has unrestricted views; the aisles have some restricted views, and the seats in the transept also have restricted views and some side on views. You can see examples of our restricted views in the slideshow below. We advise that for bookings that have a strong visual presence to concentrate seating in the nave and tower, though for music events the side aisles can be used. We can provide projects and screens for the side aisles to improve visibility of stage-based events and conferences.

In 2019 we hosted a concert by Steeleye Span (shown above)

Lindisfarne live in 2021, showing the lighting rig and sound system our technical providers can install in the Cathedral

C. No Seating

For events like vintage fairs we will clear the space of all chairs.

D. Curved Seating

Click the arrows to see a selection of example layout images. The number of seats shown in these examples is fifty, but more can be included in your plan.

We can create smaller curved seating, nearer the stage, with or without an aisle.

E. Bespoke seating

If any of the floor plans above don’t fit your event, don’t worry! We can work with you on bespoke seating arrangements as well!

Below is an example of a small talk in our South Transept as an example of another type of set-up we can do, perfect for a conference break-out space. There are 28 seats shown in the example below.


We can set-up our bespoke stage for your events in one of two configurations. These include steps up to the space. For the half-stage we can also add extra chairs in addition to the standard floor plans, if you would like these.

Type of stageRough size
Full stage5m x 3.5m
Half stage5m x 1.75m

F. Formal Dinners

Bradford Cathedral is able to hold dinners for around 204 to 238 people depending on spacing of guests.


Make Bradford Cathedral your next conference venue, with full seating layouts, staging, A/V and furniture for keynote speakers, panels and much more.

Chapter House Meeting Room

Our Chapter House is available to book for meetings. It includes online conferencing facilities and access to its own private kitchen and toilet. The capacity for this meeting space is currently 12.

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